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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of course do you offer ?

A. We offer bilingual (English or French) private in-car driving lessons, either in the automatic or standard shift transmission.

Q. What region do you serve ?

A. We are serving the entire Ottawa-Carleton region.

Q. What are your business hours ?

A. Call at any time. We are flexible enough to suit your schedule.

Q. How long is a lesson ?

A. A lesson is a minimum 1.5 hours (90 minutes) or longer.

Q. What are your rates ?

A. A lesson of 1.5 hours in the automatic transmission costs $51.00 (taxes, pick-up & drop-off included). A lesson of 1.5 hours in the standard shift transmission costs $51.00 (taxes, pick-up & drop-off included).

Q. Do you have rebates ?

A. Clients that accumulate 10 hours of training qualify for a $10.00 discount. Additional hours cost $1.00 less per hour.

Q. How do I book a lesson ?

A. Simply call my single number reach 613-769-1904 or if you're out of the local area you can send me an e-mail. Let me know when you are available, your name, pick-up address, phone number and/or e-mail address.

Q. Where do we meet ?

A. As I mentionned above, we can start the lesson at the location of your choice (home, work, school, test center). We can also finish the lesson at the location of your choice (these locations need to be planned).

Q. What distinguishes you from other schools ?

A. We offer professional and personalized service. Since we are a smaller school, we will not treat you as a number. Also, our rates are competitive since you are doing business directly with the owner. I've been in this industry since 1994.

Q. What are your credentials (qualifications) ?

A. I am a St. Lawrence College graduate (class of 1991) in Marketing and Business Management (bilingual program).
     I am a certified in-car driving instructor by The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario since 1994.
     I also earned a diploma in In-Class Teaching Techniques given by the Ontario Safety League in 1999.
     I also trained over 1200 clients since 1994.

Q. Do you have gift certificates?

A. Yes we do.

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